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Biomechanics & Walking Analysis

  • Walking Problems
  • Flat Feet
  • Foot Pain
  • Posture / Back Pain

Biomechanics & Walking Analysis

  • Walking Problems
  • Flat Feet
  • Foot Pain
  • Posture / Back Pain


Whether you have flat feet, high arched feet, heel pain, shin splints, metatarsalgia, achilles tendinitis, pain in the great toe joint or numerous other mechanical foot problems, we can help.

We are especially interested in low back pain that worsens on walking.

Posture can respond very well to the correct orthoses - particularly in children and young adults.

Our orthotics are hand-crafted at our Rugby clinic, whereas our competitors will typically send orthoses measurements to a factory to be made.

Crafting our orthotics in house dramatically speeds up production time. More importantly it also means that we get better results; the orthotics you receive are exactly what you need and not the interpretation of a technician miles away.

Rugby Podiatry & Chiropody Treatment Room

Walking Analysis

We can analyse your walking style to see if it is likely to cause problems in the future, or to see if your walking can be made more energy efficient.

We specialise in analysing your foot position during the gait cycle. Slow motion video capture is used. The treadmill enables this to be done comfortably indoors.

A static examination, including muscle strengths and joint ranges of motion, is undertaken.

A weight-bearing cast of your feet is taken, from which the orthotics can be manufactured.

Rugby Podiatry & Chiropody Treatment Room


Initial Consultation

Not suitable for Orthotics

Suitable for Orthotics

Will recommend seeking
Sports Massage Therapy?
Strength & Conditioning?
Foot & Ankle Surgeon?

Typical pathways.

Biomechanical Examination & Video Analysis

3/4 length Foot Orthosis & Fitting £260-£270 typically

Happy Outcome

Our Process

Should you need to come back for an extra follow up visit or two in the first weeks these will not be chargeable, ensuring peace of mind and no nasty surprises.

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Orthotic Testimonials

Had insoles from Mr Barrow very good, professional very knowledgeable helped sort my foot problem out very quickly.

J Harding

Very much recommend this practice. Their knowledge on the biomechanics of feet was eye-opening and the years of carrying out their own research has clearly paid off. It is easy to see why professional athletes use this clinic.

E Youds

After being born with flat feet I went to Mr Barrow hoping he would be able to help with the back and foot pain that I have had since a young age. [With new orthosis] my back pain was relieved within a month and my posture improved soon after!

J Eldridge

I have worn orthotics for years, but my visit to Peter Barrow for personal assessment and gait analysis was different from anything I had previously experienced.  His approach is very professional, analytical and the custom made orthotics I now use, have improved my ankle strength, knee pain and gait.  At last I have stability in my feet and knees.

N Lewis

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