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We specialise in the biomechanics of walking and the manufacture of custom foot orthoses (orthotics).

Whether you have flat feet, high arched feet, heel pain, shin splints, metatarsalgia, achilles tendinitis, pain in the great toe joint or numerous other mechanical foot problems, we can help.

We are especially interested in low back pain that worsens on walking.

Posture can respond very well to the correct orthoses - particularly in children and young adults.

Rugby Podiatry & Chiropody Treatment Room

Walking Analysis

We can analyse your walking style to see if it is likely to cause problems in the future, or to see if your walking can be made more energy efficient.

We specialise in analysing your foot position during the gait cycle. Slow motion video capture is used. The treadmill enables this to be done comfortably indoors.

A static examination, including muscle strengths and joint ranges of motion, is undertaken.

A weight-bearing cast of your feet is taken, from which the orthotics can be manufactured.

Rugby Podiatry & Chiropody Treatment Room
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