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Home Visits

Please contact us if you are unable to access the surgery.
We have special equipment to ensure the delivery of sterile equipment into the home.

Podiatry / Chiropody

We are HCPC registered health care professionals who prevent, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate abnormal conditions of the feet and lower limbs.

We can treat corns, calluses, ingrowing toenails, fungal toenails, thickened toenails, verrucas and other foot problems.

Rugby Podiatry Treatment Room

Ingrown Toenails


The Diabetic Foot

We always try to resolve ingrowing toenails (IGTN) as simply and easily as possible, without surgery. But what do you do when they get infected and keep coming back?

Rugby Podiatry practice offers an elegant solution to recurrent ingrowing toenail - minor surgery that is quick, permanent and gives a good cosmetic result.

We have refined the technique of Partial Nail Ablation (PNA) so that post operative pain is minimal, or even completely absent. The procedure is carried out under a simple analgesic injection.

Only the sides of a troublesome ingrowing toenail are removed - although in some instances it is necessary to take away the whole nail, eg when it is very thick and diseased throughout.

Fungal Nails

State-of-the-art micro-penetration and pitting for fungal nail disease: initial assessment for suitability - FREE OF CHARGE. Treatment comprises 3 subsequent appointments @ 8 week intervals (medication spray included) - £75 per consultation.
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The practice policy on verrucae is generally to treat only when these growths cause pain. Methods of treatment will be discussed individually and we will often teach you how to treat effectively at home. Where a more sophisticated approach is required Tim Hughes offers Faulkner"s Needling Procedure, carried out under an ankle-block anaesthetic.

The foot in diabetes requires particular care. In addition to looking after your feet in an appropriate manner, we routinely offer yearly diabetic foot checks, issuing you with paperwork to share with your medical practitioner and diabetic nurse.

If you have pressure points under the foot we can use Tekscan F-scan to make you a technically superior insole or orthosis to offload damaging loads.

Prescription only medicines

The practice is now able to supply a number of oral antibiotics (Flucloxacillin, Amoxicillin, Erythromycin) as well as a range of other prescription only medicines, where these are indicated for foot conditions.


We  can also issue signed orders to take to the pharmacy for a limited range of other prescription only items, such as painkillers.

If you have an infected ingrowing toenail, for example, we can sort that out in one stop: administer the anaesthetic injection, remove the spike of nail and supply an appropriate antibiotic. We will also let your GP know what you have been given.

Podiatry Fees

Fees are structured to the type of care that you need

Initial consultation and assessment, including treatment (applies to ALL new patients) - £50

Standard chiropody treatment (corns, calluses etc) - £40  

Regular maintenance treatment - toenail cutting plus one minor problem (eg a small callus) - £32  

Local anaesthetic injection (some ingrown toenails) - £20

Painless surgery for ingrowing toenail - including local anaesthetic, all dressings and follow up appointments - £325. Add £50 per additional side treated.

Faulkener's Needling Procedure for verrucae (includes ankle block anaesthetic) £295.00 (three appointments in total).

Antibiotics: one weeks supply - £15.00


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